Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorites!

I have seen many cool people do this and I wanna join in! I have many cute and cool things to share with you beautiful individuals :)

Adorable embroidery. I really wish I was this good! I love how she did the flowers, just absolutely perfect.

A date night jar! I actually made this and it is AMAZING. Helps so much when you are just stuck in a rut with nothing to do. My husband LOVES it.

Via: (Modcloth)
This purse is SO FRICKIN BEAUTIFUL. All the little details, the coral color, just EVERYTHING about this purse is what I love. If only I could afford it... hahaah

I need slip ons so very badly and the texture mixed with the color is drool worthy. And how can I ever say no to yellow :)

Thats all this friday ladies and (maybe?) gents. I am going to my baby brothers "Jazz Cabaret" tonight and my Uncle Rooster flew in from Tennessee. Many fun things tonight. Hope your night will be just as fabulous! Now off I go to sew some dolls for my mother-in-law's friend's baby! WOO!

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