Thursday, March 27, 2014


Who likes work? Nobody. If you like your job you are part of a very small percentile and I want to kill you to gain your powers (Hahah just kidding, not really but lets move on) I know people say "Dont say Always and Never! It's just not true!" but I will NEVER like working. My job is a mindless office job where I spend most of my days and make shit for doing it. At my office a bunch of different people play loud music and it just turns into a cacophony of endless techno beats coming from every angle at me.
What I want to do more than anything in the world is be a mom and a wife. That's it. I dont wanna be a part of the working class. I don't want anything more (accept to be a comedian but if you know me, you know that which I'm sure MOST of the people who read this dont know me but you should because I'm a delight, kind-of.)
Everyday is a battle to not quit my job. Will I win the battle today? Is winning quitting? Is winning keeping my job so I can pay my rent? WHO KNOWS.
I will continue this later.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

WHAT I WORE: Hipster Nun

Headband: Self-knitted
Sweater: Forever 21
Dress: Forever 21
Rosary: Etsy
Shoes: Forever 21

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MIX TAPE: The Spells

1. The Spells- Mrs. Magician
2. Really In Love- Royal Headache
3. She's The One- Japanther
4. Um Like Your Smile Is Totally Ruling Me- Japanther
5. You Cried Me- Jookabox
6. Naked With You- Turbo Fruits
7. Go Down On You- The Memories
8. I Woke Up Today- Port O'Brien
9. Meet Me By The Water- Saturday Looks Good To Me
10. Oh My Lover- The Detroit Cobras
11. I Love You, Ono- Stereo Total
12. Love You So- The King Khan & BBQ Show
13. I'll Be Loving You- The King Khan & BBQ Show
14. Young Adult Friction- The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

1. Love Connection- Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
2. Bluish- Animal Collective
3. Do You Realize??- The Flaming Lips
4. Radio- Lana Del Rey
5. Superstar- Sonic Youth
6. Like Someone In Love- Bjork
7. Our Love Is Here To Stay- Billie Holiday
8. Crazy He Calls Me- Billie Holiday
9. It Had To Be You- Billie Holiday
10. Willow Tree- Chad VanGaalen
11. Honeymoon In San Fransisco- Of Montreal
12. Cutie Pie- Of Montreal
13. Don't Be Upset- Jeffery Lewis

Monday, March 17, 2014

PHOTO DUMP: Zorak the Chameleon

I've had my chameleon, Zorak, for a couple months now and he is the grumpiest animal I have ever known. He gets in moods and wont let you pick him up sometimes but he does have his nice moments.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I never can keep up with this thing. I get so bored so quick with everything. Such a dumb-dumb.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Starving Artist Cookbook #1

Being poor sucks. Being poor and hungry sucks even more. I am usually very poor, being an "artistic person" and so I have to find ways to eat that don't involve becoming a prostitute. I am going to share the things I make with you fine folks in hopes that I can save you from becoming a food prostitute too.

This week I made Chicken Tikki Marsala with Tadig. The recipe I made serves 4.


Chicken Tikki Marsala
2 Chicken Breasts
1 Bottle of Tikki Marsala sauce from Fresh & Easy
2 Tablespoons of Canola Oil

2 Cups of Persian Rice
4 Cups of water
2 Tablespoons of Canola Oil

The brand of rice I use
You are going to want to start about and hour and a half before you want to eat. First, plug in your rice cooker (If you don't have one, go get one because they are genius) and add the canola oil first so it covers the bottom. This is to the rice will crust on the bottom, thus the Tadig. Then add the 2 cups of rice and 4 cups of water. Make sure you read your bag of rice and make sure it doesn't require washing. Set your cooker to cook and walk away. Most rice cookers take about a half hour to cook but when making Tadig you have to keep pressing the cook button for an hour and a half so the pan stays hot and crisps the rice on the bottom.

 After about an hour of the rice cooker cooking, it's time to make the chicken. I buy my chicken from Sam's Club in packs of 9 breasts at $10.00. Cheapest I have found chicken. If you don't have a Sam's Club card or a nice, loving father that will take you there.... Fresh & Easy has pretty cheap chicken too.

 You going to want to cut the chicken breasts up into small cubes. My chicken was really thick, so I cut it in half too.
Add your 2 Tablespoons of Canola Oil to a large saucepan and add the chicken. ONLY brown the chicken, make sure to get every side of every piece. Immediately after the chicken is browned, dump your bottle of curry in and turn the heat down so that it can simmer. I love this brand of curry because it's god damn 3 dollars a bottle. AND delicious.

The simmering should only take about 10-12 minutes.....

 Then you're done!! Serve it up!! Delicious and SO EASY TO COOK!!! Also, cheap as shit.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments if you are confused on anything!!

Have a great Thursday!