Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have many reasons to have gained an interest in Chernobyl. The movie coming out, learning Russian, etc etc... but the reason I started researching this is because of Ivan. A month or so ago I asked my husbands best friend, who moved here from the Ukraine when he was sixteen, to help me learn Russian. He agreed and brought me a bunch of books and a movie he had and we got to talking about it. It turns out that Ivan was living in the Ukraine when the Chernobyl disaster took place. I was instantly fascinated. I began reading every article that I could get my hands on and watched every movie on it I could find. I watched video about the abandoned city and the Chernobyl heart (Children born from people in the radiation zone tended to have holes in their heart) Clicking so many links I finally ran into this absolutely beautiful photo set that was taken in the abandoned city, Pripyat. The color and the texture of the photos is so intense, it really captures the city well in it's total nuclear destruction.

Via: (Acid Cow)

There's the link to see the full set of photos. Sadly, it takes you to a site specifically for sharing things and doesn't show the original photographer or anything. I wish I could find him because his work is amazing.

Pretty dull Saturday otherwise. Hope you are all having a more exciting one than I am :)

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