Thursday, March 27, 2014


Who likes work? Nobody. If you like your job you are part of a very small percentile and I want to kill you to gain your powers (Hahah just kidding, not really but lets move on) I know people say "Dont say Always and Never! It's just not true!" but I will NEVER like working. My job is a mindless office job where I spend most of my days and make shit for doing it. At my office a bunch of different people play loud music and it just turns into a cacophony of endless techno beats coming from every angle at me.
What I want to do more than anything in the world is be a mom and a wife. That's it. I dont wanna be a part of the working class. I don't want anything more (accept to be a comedian but if you know me, you know that which I'm sure MOST of the people who read this dont know me but you should because I'm a delight, kind-of.)
Everyday is a battle to not quit my job. Will I win the battle today? Is winning quitting? Is winning keeping my job so I can pay my rent? WHO KNOWS.
I will continue this later.

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