Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Comedians

Every Sunday I will review a comedian and interview one of the many wonderful upcoming comedians.

This week our comedian is John Mulaney. I saw John Mulaney for the very first time on my wedding night. We were sitting in our hotel room in Hawaii, watching comedy central because we love comedy, and he just appeared like a magician of awesome. John Mulaney looks very innocent, and overall he was (No sex jokes, didn't talk about penis, only cursed really) but he was definitely hilarious. He is more of a story comic and less of a punch line comic. With his innocent look it makes it all the more hilarious when he tells his cynical life stories. He goes from talking about his past drinking problem, to his Jewish girlfriend, to homeless people that are "New in Town", to trying to get Xanax at a clinic. Unfortunately , this comic gets way overlooked in my opinion. It doesn't look like he's touring and nobody even knows who he is. His brilliance is available here:

Those are his main DVD and CDS. They are all fabulously hilarious!
You can follow John Mulaney here:

Alright, now for our Upcoming Comedian!!!
This week I will be interviewing Keith Carey! Keith has been going around the Orange County/LA open-mics and comedy clubs for a year now. He has also played the Brea Improv, The Comedy Store, Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, and on May 30th he will be playing the Irvine Improv. Keith's comedy is (in his own words) "A smooth-drinking cocktail of personal observations, social commentary, and dick jokes. Mostly dick jokes." A very true statement to be made. When you see Keith you can expect plenty of self-deprecating jokes, awkward moments, and most importantly a sore tummy from all the laughing you will be doing.

Q #1: How'd you get started?

A: There used to be a great open mic at The Library in Long Beach. I went to see my buddy do a set once, and I was like, "I can tell dick jokes at LEAST as well as these guys." Came back next week, did a terrible ten minutes, and fell in love with comedy.

Q #2: What was it like to bomb?

A: The biggest thing I tell any new comic is, "You will eat shit, and it will hurt. Don't stop." It's this awful sinking in your gut, like, it literally feels the same physically as hearing your dog died or something. But once you bomb a few (dozen) times, you get over the fear and it lets you be braver onstage.

Q #3: And the best sets? How'd those feel?

A: The best show I've ever had was hosting for KROQ's Brad Williams at the Brea Improv. He's a midget, and at the end of his set he gave a chick a lapdance. When I came up to close the show, I ripped off my shirt and danced with him and the crowd went NUTS. Getting a standing ovation from 400 people is like getting blown by God.

Q #4: What does it take to move up in this business?

A: A deep throat and an open mind. Honestly, though, it's all about honing in to what makes you funny, and just being nice to everybody. You never know who's going to be running a show in a month, so never burn bridges.

Q #5: Who is your Comedy Idol?

A: Patton Oswalt. No Question. Patton is a Frankenstein patchwork of the best elements of any comedy scene. All his shows have the brilliant, cerebral-meets-lowbrow writing of the Alt-scene, the commanding stage presence and crowd savvy of a club comic, and this oddly affecting emotional heft, that feels almost more like a one-man show on Broadway than straight comedy.

Here are things of Keith!

Facebook (If you like this page you can get free tickets to his Irvine Improv show May 30th!)
Bromosexual (He also does funny shorts! This one actually has me in it as well :) This short won best writing (written by Keith), best makeup, and 2nd place for Audience.)
Blissful Idiots of Funtime Toys (Another wonderful short starring Keith!)
Hiccup (Another funny short that Keith is in!)

Please enjoy these men! They are phenomenal people! Happy Sunday everybody!

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