Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Comedians #4

Hello funny friends!! It's been a very slow weekend but let us end it on a bang with SUNDAY COMEDIAAAAAANS!! (woop woop!)

I am reviewing Jim Gaffigan today. Mr. Gaffigan is one of my absolute FAVORITE comedians of all time. I fell in love with his funny when my dad bought "Beyond the Pale" a couple years ago. We would watch it over and over, laughing uncontrollably everytime. I basically had it memorized at one point. Jim Gaffigan's comedy is very observational (most of those observations being food and places that serve this food.) He starts off analyzing minutia and goes on to make very big statements about who we are as people. And nobody cannot laugh when he does that special high pitched voice that is supposed to be "the audience".  He repeats alot of callbacks but you never get sick of it. Overall I want to give him many hugs and be friends with him.


Gaffigan Links:

And now for the INETRVIEW!!! Today we have a guest interviewer, Keith Carey. He will be interviewing Omid Singh, a comic AND a booker!

 Omid Singh is one of the hottest comedy voices in Orange County right now.  He's all over the Improvs, performing with national headliners, and destroying crowds on a nightly basis with his lightning-fast wit and exceptional storytelling skills.  Poking fun at anything and everything, from America's perception of his middle-eastern descent to the agony of shitty airline pilots, Omid is a face you can expect to see much, much more from in the very near future.  Without further delay, here's Omid...

Q #1: Describe your comedy in your own words.
A: I have no idea actually what my comedy is like. Still on the path to discovering what it all means.
Q #2: How did you start doing stand-up?

A: I started in my junior year of high school. I was on an improv team all 4 years at Irvine High and stand up just seemed to be the next step to making people laugh after we all graduated.

Q #3: How do you handle a bad set?

A: I go for an extra long drive after a bad set and try and analyze everything that went wrong. Then when I get home, I look up the open mic schedule for the next day and plan a completely different set.
Q #4: What's the best experience you've had in comedy?

A: Meeting Dane Cook was pretty surreal. I looked up to him a lot when I first started out and to actually meet him is something I could never imagine happening when I was 16.
Q #5: You also produce a lot of shows. What do you look for in a comic before you book them?

A: Someone who is funny and has a real passion to help the show. Also honesty with how many people you can bring!!

Q #6: Who is your comedy idol?

A: Robin Williams. I've watched Robin Williams Live on Broadway over 50 times and every time I watch it I discover a whole new bit or joke that I never caught before. Timeless.

Q #7: Any shows you want to plug? Also, any links you want provided?

A: Elton and I have a Night of Comedy on July 7th at the Irvine Improv so just want to get the word out there on that one. We have a great lineup that includes Sean Parker, Friendly Frank and a few special surprise guests. Saturday, July 7th at 11pm. 

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