Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Making Comedian Friends

It's very hard to follow that last post but here I go...

Since I started comedy I have pretty much alienated every friend I had and replaced them with comedians. It wasn't because they were bad friends and they weren't fun, it was because every night I'm doing comedy and there was no time for others. When you finish a show at 1 AM, regular people are going to sleep or don't want to make the drive to see you but the other comedians are always there and down to go to Denny's or go back to your apartment and drink. The only people I see on a regular basis are comedians. It was just a natural transition.
Something I learned early on is that to have comedians as friends you have to grow a thick skin. A lot of comedians believe that to be a part of the group you have to be able to endure teasing and be able to retaliate too. For the first month or so I had a lot of hurt feelings and resentment but I learned to deal with it and move on. It was hard to get used to but after you do it can actually be fun. Sometimes I still get my feelings hurt and I know other comedians do too but it's all about just being honest when things go to far. You can have a thick skin but we aren't all made out of stone.
Something else I learned is that you will talk about comedy almost constantly. Whenever I hang out with comedians we are either talking about a famous comedian, our most recent set, the community, what shows are coming up.... etc. Sometimes music will come up or movies but it always ends with comedy.
Also, be ready for the puns. Maybe this doesn't happen with every comedian friend but it happens a lot. If I had a nickle for every groan inducing pun that I have heard, I'd have a butt-ton of nickles.

Comedians are like wild cats. They scratch and bite and are skittish and will eat garbage to survive but they are still kitties. I dunno, that was a weird metaphor. Better summary, I wouldn't exchange my comedian friends for any other human being in the world. They are the bees knees.

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