Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Favorites! #2

Good friday everybody! I spent my evening at UCLA medical center getting my husband an MRI. 50 minutes of sitting next to him, listening to the loudest thumping in the universe. ANYWHOSITS, I am going to share some things.

Via: Amazon (for link just click on picture)

This book is for everyone who loved Hunger Games. It has the same kinda feel to it. It's about a civil war over abortion. Pretty sweet right? I won't give anymore away because the story is just way too good to spoil!

Via: Amazon (Just click picture for link)

I got these mixing bowls when I first moved in to my apartment and they are ADORABLEEEE. I love them to pieces and it's not just mixing bowls!! It comes with measuring cups and a strainer! Fabulous.

Via: Amazon (They are just so darn convenient!!!)

My friend Kristy Plotkin recommends this one. She says "A lot of people are afraid to read this book because I tell them it is the most beautifully witty and depressing book I have ever read. For some reason, people don't want to feel when they read, but even a few pages into this book will change your mind."

Via: Amazon (I think you get the hint that you can just click on the damn picture)

SCOTT PILGRIM!!!! I love everything Scott Pilgrim... To my greatest of excitements, Bryan Lee O' Malley is re-releasing each of the books IN COLOR!!! You can pre-order the first one through the link! It's only 13 bucks right now and I can't contain my girlish joy over this.

AAAAAAAAND SOMETHING I WISH WAS ON MY BODY! (As my husband would say, "Giggity")

Via: Modcloth

This top is so AMAZINGGGG!!! It is the prettiest red and it looks so comfy and flattering!!! *Sigh* One day.... maybe today when my husband isn't looking.... MWHAHAHAH!!!

That's all folks! See ya later!

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